ONE PUNCH – Feature Film

Matteo is pressured into the family business when he fails his exams. Out for his 18th birthday, he struggles to choose between his family responsibilities and his adolescent friendships, culminating in an act of violence.

Shot in Melbourne, Victoria in April 2019, One Punch is a micro budget feature shot on Apple iPhone 8+’s using Moondog Anamorphic lenses.

WINNER – Best Feature Film. CINEPHONE International Film Festival 2021 (Spain)

FINALIST – Best Feature Film. MOBILE MOTION Film Festival 2021 (Switzerland)

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Best Feature Film. OJO MOVIL Film Festival 2021 (Peru)

FINALIST – Best feature Film. SF3 Film Festival 2021 (Australia)

Project Ethos: Quick, Smart, Relationship Driven.

Small, agile crew that is a mix of professional heads of department and inexperienced volunteers looking for experience.

Using Smartphones with Anamorphic lenses to film in difficult to access locations. Hand held gimbals to move the camera dramatically. Minimal lighting.

Character Based Improvisation (CBI) to create strong character relationships and enhance the development of the script through public improvisations

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